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The online childbirth class that comes to you.

Fearless Birth Delivered is an all-virtual, interactive, childbirth class where you’ll discover new ways to navigate pregnancy and birth for a more confident and in-control experience

What you'll get:


Learn virtually while never having to compromise quality; we incorporate plenty of hands-on activities, discussion tools, and "homework" to cater to all learning styles!


Connect with classmates and other birth professionals in a private community to stay connected and keep learning even after class!

Coping Kit

The original Coping Kit is packed to the brim with useful tools and shipped directly to your door for real-time, hands-on learning of labor and birth coping techniques.


Understand your options, learn tested communication strategies, and wake up every morning feeling confident in your ability to give birth with flexibility and support!

Meet Your Instructors

Mandy Irby


Mandy is a Labor and Delivery Nurse, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer, Trauma-Informed Nurse and Parent Educator, Spinning Babies© Parent Educator, and mother of 2. She is currently teaching all over the country and offers worldwide virtual services.

Mandy believes that our bodies are powerful, and with the right support, we are unstoppable.

Sarah Walborn


Sarah is a Birth & Postpartum Guide, Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, Volunteer with Postpartum Support International, and mother of 2. She is currently serving the El Paso, TX area and offers worldwide virtual services.

Sarah is passionate about normalizing the diverse and unique impact that birth has on all of us.

The most interactive childbirth class on the web.

Make sure you wear something comfy because you’re going to be learning from the comfort of your own home without sacrificing the ability to participate, ask questions, and have real-time hands-on practice! Your exclusive Coping Kit will arrive on your doorstep (or in your mailbox) just in time for our LIVE virtual classes!

Class starts at 7pm ET on Wednesday evenings

Feel free to bring your dinner or wear your pjs. Or both. No judgment here. 😉

"The fears we don't face become our limits."

Robin Sharma


This course may be right for:

  • Parents who want this next birth to be different than how things went last time
  • Families experiencing information overload
  • Those who want to get clear on their choices in childbirth 
  • Anyone who fears labor or birth
  • Families who are eager to participate and learn in an interactive setting
  • LGBTQ+ families; inclusive language used here
  • Partners and non-birthing parents are enthusiastically invited to learn and participate

We want you to be confident in your choices, this class included. If you are unsure that this class is a good fit, feel free to reach out at hello@fearlessbirthdelivered.com. We’d love to chat!

This course focuses on learning the basics while facing fears and building effective communication skills so you can be flexible and confident in your choices in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum (and ultimately for the rest of parenthood!).

Some topics covered are:

  • Your rights and how to make decisions confidently
  • How your body and baby work together in pregnancy, labor, and birth
  • Stages and phases of labor and what to expect
  • Labor Positions and Comfort Techniques (with demonstrations and hands-on practice using your Coping Kit!)
  • Medical Comfort and the “when’s” and “how’s” of other common interventions
  • What to do when fear takes the driver seat– and how to kick it to the back.
  • Birth and Postpartum Prep with bonus templates!
  • ….and more!

We also carve out time throughout the class for questions. We encourage and value active participation and engagement!

Yes! Each Fearless Birth Delivered student will receive our exclusive Coping Kit ($150 value)! This special delivery is packed to the brim with all of the comfort supplies you’ll need to practice during class and feel like a pro in labor. 

Some items included in your kit*:

  • Coping techniques flip book (waterproof)
  • Fearless Birth, Delivered Workbook filled with colorful illustrations and useful notes
  • Customizable affirmation cards
  • A variety of comfort tools that would sound super random in this list (you’ll love them, we promise!)
  • Beautifully branded tote bag to easily pack up your Coping Kit to take to your birth

*Though we don’t anticipate this, some items may be replaced with item of similar purpose and value due to availability.

Yes! To promote the conditions of equity and optimal birth for all people we offer scholarships for financial need. Priority will be given to those who identify as part of traditionally marginalized communities (including Black persons, Brown persons, Asian persons, Indigenous persons, those in the LGBTQ+ community, migrants, individuals with disabilities, and those with financial need). You can apply here or email us at hello@fearlessbirthdelivered.com for more info.

If you don’t have time to take a class, you can still take some of the lessons into your birth with you! Grab a Labor & Birth Coping Flip Book! It’s the perfect addition to your labor bag so you can incorporate effective coping techniques and labor + pushing positions for certain speed bumps that might happen in labor without having to memorize it all!

Our students are raving!

(not the glow stick kind)

"It was very informative and the workbook was great!"

-FBD Student

Because I'm a nurse, I feel like we think too much about the bad that could happen, I feel like this class has given me the tools & confidence to have the best possible birth experience. My favorite part is the individuals teaching the course, [their] energy & passion for this topic is refreshing & kept us wanting to learn.
- Jenna
"“Before this class I felt less knowledgable and in control of my pregnancy and birth. I knew I wanted support from my partner as well, but wasn’t sure what that even looked like and now we do! This class gave me so much knowledge about how birth really works along with tools to set me up for the most success! It taught me not that there are right and wrong choices, but that interventions are just that - a choice! My partner and I are now more confident to go into labor and delivery asking questions and self advocating for the birth experience we want to have - not one that is set in stone but one that we play an active, informed role in!”
- Taylor
"[My favorite part of this class is] how inclusive it is with our partners! I want my partner to feel like an active participant in our birth and really help me advocate and you guys did that spot on!"
- FBD Student
"“Sarah is fantastic. I took a virtual class with her to prepare for my second birth and she was incredible. She was prepared, knowledgeable, and detailed. She tailored the class perfectly for me and my specific interests. She presents labor and delivery information in a non-judgemental, evidenced-based way that really made me feel empowered to speak up. She checked in on me between our classes and continued to be a resource well after our classes ended. I would (and have) recommend Sarah to my pregnant friends as a much better alternative to in-person hospital classes.”
- Tori
"Cannot recommend [Mandy] enough!!! With her help I ended up with the birth of my wildest hopes and dreams!!! She’s smart, witty, direct and so knowledgeable!! This time around I knew I wanted so much more. I ended up taking a class from [Mandy] and it’s worth every single penny and moment of your time! She takes time and gets to know you even in a class full of people. Even with a induction I had a calm, empowering, unstoppable surge of strength and belief in myself for my delivery. She believed in my abilities to accomplish my dream delivery and her belief empowered me to believe just as much in myself.”
- Kaitlyn

Get ready to build your confidence and make totally educated decisions about this big day, create a strong connection with your baby, and have your best birth!